Baroda Fire Department


Fire Station Office Fax 422-6900

 Baroda’s Firefighters

John Chvila

Donnie Johnson

Andrew Adkin

David Cramton

Gunther Hubble

Guy Tollas, Asst. Chief

Tony Cochran

Richard Klitchman

Lindsay Warner

Doug deBest, Captain

Larry Klug, Chief

Alan Weich

Michael Fellner

S. Ray Manke

David Zordell, Lieutenant

Jeff Gaul, Captain

Todd Nitz, Lieutenant

Richard Herrman, Sergeant

David Davis

Christian Nitz

Sarah Schmaltz

Adam Prosser





The Baroda Fire Board Meets the Second Wednesday of each Quarter 7:30 p.m.
Robert Getz, Larry Klug, John Harner, Larry Reifschneider, David Wolf, Charles Wood



Looking For A Few More Good Men & Women


Have you ever wondered how you can serve your community in a big way? The Baroda Fire Department is seeking individuals that are interested in becoming firefighters. Candidates will undergo training through the Berrien County Firefighters Training Council and earn their state certification. This course is free of charge to the candidate. If you are interested in finding out more or getting an application, please contact the Baroda Township Office at 422-2300, Chief Larry Klug  at 921-2877 or Lieutenant Doug deBest at 759-4848.  Classes start in September, so don’t delay!





  Click Here to read the Baroda Open Burning Ordinance.


  Home Safety Tips

Check the batteries in your Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

Never leave heat producing appliances unattended

Blow out candles before leaving the room


Keep combustibles and cleaners out of the reach of children


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Burning Permit Needed

Contact Fire Chief, Larry Klug to be certain conditions are right to burn.


Home - 422-1719

Work – 422-1753                                                                

Cell – 269-921-2877


If the Chief is not available:


Guy Tollas - 422-1424

Jeff Gaul - 269-876-8416

David Zordell - 422-1674

               or   465-6275

Doug deBest - 759-4848



Smoke Alarms


Smoke Alarms are available at the Baroda Township Office while supplies last.


Office hours are

Mon – Thurs 9am – 5pm

Friday 9am - Noon



Updated 2/24/15